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You can request any song you want, in your own level, There is no need to look for a song any more, all you have to do, is send an e-mail saying, I would like to learn this song, Name Of Song by Artist Name, and that's it, you will find that song in your level, and in your instrument, in your page, so you can learn to play it, is as simple as that. And of course you will get the sheet music for that.
Keep your music history all the time, so you can see your progress, The only school that do this for now, keep track of your music records. Everyclass you take, we keep track of what you learn on each class, so a month, or a year from now, you can see what you have learned. And if you go to wnother school, or with another teacher, you can show, what you have done, class by class, no one does this only students from the California Music Conservatory. And someone may copy this later, but honestly, I doubt it. Is a lot of work, but we think you are worth it. This way you can actually see what songs you have played, and what things you need to learn.
Easy access on line, computer, phone, tablet, anywhere, anytime, Because you have a one page, with everything you need in that page, you can have access to your material at any time, using internet. In a computer, or iPhone or any smart phone, or tablets, or iPad, or any device that can use internet. Is a web-site, so you can practice and learn anytime, anywhere, as much or as little as you want, at your own pace, and most importantly, in your own level.
You will never have to buy one more music book, Once you enroll in songnes.com and have your VIP page, you don't ever have to expend money, in buying a music book, or a music sheet, or nothing, no more money out of your pocket. If you need a song, a sheet music, a video tutorial, or a full course, to learn something, all you have to do is request it, and we will make it for you. Isn't it wonderful? We will provide you with all the music sheets you need or music materials, graphics, MP3, videos, anything you want.
Listen to the music, to see how it sounds It's very important to listen to the song or exercise you are going to learn, to see how it suppose to sound like. In songnes you can listen to thousands of songs, but the most important is that you have your own page, you don't get lost in so many songs, it will not be overwhelming, or too much that you feel lost and don't know what to do. We simplyfy this for you by having one single page where you can listen to songs in your level, and choose from there which song you wnat to play next. If the song you want is not in your page, just request it, we'll put it there for you.
Everything you need to learn, reading, exercises, studies, songs, scales, chords, and much more. Because songnes.com is a proffesional site approved by the California Music Conservatory, we have everything there is to know about music, scales, major, minor, all of them, from slow to fast, one hand two hands, for guitar, for violin you name it we have them. We have every single chord there is, and not only that we will teach you how to make each chord. We have music theory symbols, exercises, studies, technique, reading music, harmony, ear training, intervals, you name it, we have it all!

Advantages of using songnes.com

7 - Get a sheet music and printed, for any song you want.

We give you the sheet music for every song we have in songnes, and you can download for free, that sheet music and then printed so you can have in paper, all your favorites sheet music, and you can have your own "book" if you like to see music the old way, in plain paper. And not only for songs, but for every single exercise or class, all the music there in PDF file so you can print it. If you can print all the music there, you will need more that a million pages, gurantee.

8 - Video tutorials for every song you need.

All the songs, come with a video tutorial, where you can see the keys on a piano, or the notes moving on a guitar fretboard, or a line following the music visually so you don't get lost. And if the video tutorial is not enought to learn the song, we will make another video for you, easier or with more visual help. We can do anything you need to help you learn music.

9 - Songs for every single instrument, piano, guitar, trumpet, sax, violin, voice, drums and much more.

We have sheet music for all kinds of instruments, any instrument you want to learn we can help you with that. If a song is for piano, and you play trumpet, all you have to do is request the song for trumpet, we will transpose the song, or change keys to show you the song in a way that you can actually play it, and you don't have to look for it, just request it.

10 - Teacher live support, ask any question about music, and receive the right answer.

You can send an e-mail with your questions, or you can actually call a teacher and he will answer py phone your questions, and help you learn. Imagine that you have a question as you are trying to learn, and you can have someone that you can talk to, to answer any question you have, that is great. Only with songnes.com you can do this.

11 - All the learning materials in one single web-site page, your VIP site.

When you sing up with songnes.com we create a SITE for you, where you have all your homw work, all your classes and all the things you need to learn, organized, in order, no need to be looking for more stuff anywhere. No more clicking and clicking on youtube, or google to find things. Do not spend time clicking, spend time learning. If you want something, just request it, we'll do the work of clicking for you. While we work on your song, you can actually spend time practicing and learning the things you have now. IS the best way to learn.

12 - Full access to the whole web-site.

Once you enroll, you have access to all the areas in songnes.com. If you visit songnes.com now, you will see that there are many parts that you don't have access now, as a member you will have access to everything and more. In case you want to see more stuff. The best way to learn is to concentrate on your VIP page and learn the things you have in there, most people don't have a lot of time to learn, let us organize your page, and show you the things you need to do, so you can learn.

13 - One low payment, $76.00 per year

As you can see, it's a lot of work to do all this for you, would it be worth it to pay a little fee for all that much service? So the fee is $76.00 per year. One payment and you have all these great benefits.

14 - Get music in every category you want, pop, rock, ballad, country, christian, christmas, movies and much more.

And of course we have all kinds of music, in every level and for all categories, so you can learn to play your instrument using your favorite music.

15 - Certified program and approved by The California Music Conservatory.

The program we offer in songnes, is approved by The California Music Conservatory, you can get your Certificates, and your Diplomas and also you can get even a CMCAssociate’s Degree, or a CMCBachelor’s Degree, or even a CMCMaster’s Degree, if you complete all valid test and classes. But even from a low level, we focus and teaching the right way.

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