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About Us

Easy Music SChool was founded in 1996, by Victor M. Barba and Beatriz Barba in the city of Bell Ca. and a few months later Hector Rodriguez P. and Mercela Sauceda open another Easy Music School. Since then Easy Music School has thought more than 30 thousand students, some of them are actually in the music industry today.

Hector Rodriguez P. is the owner of Easy Music School San Bernardino. With a big facility and a wonderful recording studio, he has everything to offer to the new students.

Victor M. Barba is currently working in songnes.com the official site for the California Music Conservatory, in an effort to reach the whole world and teach music to more people. He still give lessons but only to a few selected individuals, the lucky ones can still benifit from lessons in person from the founder of Easy Music School.

Easy Music School is a proud sponsor of songnes.com a web site dedicated to help students learn, using this site students can learn much better and faster.

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